HISPA Association was founded in order to identify, diagnose, treat and follow patients with elevated cardiovascular risks through a well coordinated and integrated network of hypertension, infarction and stroke prevention centers  efficiently and in a timely manner. HISPA advocates a multidisciplinary and personal approach to the preservation of health in general. Our aim is to “maintain healthy status and prevent (postpone) the onset of illness”.



HISPA represents a network of highly specialized and modernly equipped centers for diagnosing and treating serious cardiovascular patients at the territory of Republic of Serbia and the Balkans. HISPA is looking for educated and motivated health practitioners who will be able to adequately respond to the most significant medical challenges in all its centers, and who will contribute to further treatment of cardiovascular diseases through scientific research.  HISPA regards active cooperation between physicians of different specialties as the best way to treat a patient in his/her domicile health institution.



- organization and coordination of hypertension, infarction and stroke prevention centers

- preparation of a program for prevention of cardiovascular diseases through the concept of treating cardiovascular risks

- setting up a registry of patients suffering from hypertension and elevated cardiovascular risks

- put together expert lectures, counseling, seminars and congresses

- development of projects aimed at the preservation of health in general and adequate prevention of cardiovascular diseases

- organization of and participation in education of medical staff at the hypertension, infarction and stroke prevention centers

- setting up promotional programs for prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the media

- development of cooperation with institutions, organizations and individuals in the country and abroad that may contribute to achieving the goals of the association



One can become a member of the Association, or cancel his/her membership, as an expression of one’s own free will.

In order to become a member of the Association, one needs to fill out the registration form. There are several levels of membership in the Association: regular members, associate members and honorary members. Experts in biomedical sciences  can become regular members. Associate members are various companies and organizations that are interested in achieving the goals and missions of the Association. Person who contributes to the work and the development of the Association can become an honorary member.


Members’ obligations

 Obligations of all HISPA members are:

• to continuously invest their efforts in accomplishing the mission and goals of HISPA

• to promote the ideas and projects of HISPA and help develop them

• to comply with the KoznaS Statutes and other decisions of KoznaS’ governing bodies while performing their activities as HISPA members

Friends of HISPA